April is finally here and so is the time for me to set new goals for the next three months. One of these is to post more frequently on this blog and to cover a lot more topics about language learning. But first things first, I want to explain why I blog in the first place.

Using technology to harness the ways we communicate has long since taken on a new form; blogging. Combining the age-old desire to write and the tools of the digital age, it has effectively moved the public sphere away from notebooks and newspaper columns into an area which is accessible to more people than ever before possible. While traditional forms of communication haven’t disappeared, companies are increasingly having to take note of opinions expressed online that are accessible to netizens worldwide, whether they be a hundred-and-forty character tweets or in longer blog posts.

The sheer ease and frequency with which we express ourselves is already taking its toll on the way we communicate. Shortened prose and endless abbreviations are just some of the examples that have spread in common forms of writing as a result of digital communication. With such a significant effect on our mother tongue, surely the study of foreign languages have no place in a sphere where they are likely to be equally affected?

Blogging is good for the soul

Every one can think of over a hundred reasons and even more excuses not to blog. Not to put yourself out there and publish your ideas in a public space. Writing itself can be very therapeutic, as well as an effective exercise in diction and structuring your thoughts. But publishing online? Thousands have done the same, so what good can another blog do?

These arguments have some basis, but they miss the point entirely. I find that blogging is by far most effective in helping you to find your own voice, air your thoughts on whichever topic that happens to interest you. Unlike previous forms of communication, blogging has facilitated an explosion of individual expression, which your own blog can be a small part of. It is quite possible that blogging is a simple win-win situation. Receive negative feedback? Hurray, you offended some one! Some one¬†shares your posts? Well done, you’re already taking tentative steps towards creating a following.

Back to language learning

Learning another language is, for most of us, a lifelong dream that not everybody gets to accomplish. There can be many pitfalls along the way, most notably, procrastination. Publishing your successes and tips, rather than keeping them to yourself, are great ways to help others along the way to realising that dream. Moreover, keeping your blog updated with your progress is an ideal way to motivate yourself to go for the dream, even if it is just publishing your own mistakes! Just as it’s never too late to learn, it’s never too late to blog.